Zero to Fluent with Guru Guidance

services we offer

We offer a variety of services depending on your goals. See below for our main product offerings are the following:


A comprehensive online course to get you started in the space covering the basics to advance concepts. This is perfect for those learning at their own pace.

Zoom Group Classes

Zoom group classes are great for people with busy schedules who want to engage with peers. This will consist of a 4 hour boot camp.

Zoom One-on-One

These are excellent option for people who want a more individualized approach to learning.

In Person Group Class

In person group classes create a strong community and environment for peers to engage. In person boot camps consist of a 4 hour session with light refreshments served.

In Person One-on-One

The perfect option for people who prefer a traditional learning experience. There is still no replacement for the human element in the learning process.

Artist NFT Management

We help artists of all forms bring their work to the blockchain. We have dedicated developers on hand who will deploy and maintain smart contracts on the behalf of artists.