Learn the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency

Your access to one-on-one training to understand the fundamentals of crypto. You’ll learn how to create an account, navigate through exchanges, and how to set up a secure wallet.

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Your bridge into the Cryptoverse

One-on-one and Group Classes Available

We are here to bridge the gap with the confusing process of blockchain and crypto. Our live ‘classroom environment’ has proven to be the most effective method for people to learn and retain information. A successful client to us is them being able to have the skills and knowledge to navigate the landscape independently.

Group online classes up to 10 people

One-on-one zoom classes available

Access to a community discord with experts on hand

Why Crypto?

Crypto and Web 3.0 are here to stay. The government recognizes crypto as a form of income. Visa, PayPal, Square, Tesla and NBA teams accept crypto currency as a form of payment. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs rolled out crypto desks. The SEC approved a Bitcoin ETF in 2021. Bored Ape Yacht Club just crossed 1 Billion USD volume on secondary sales since April 2021. Don’t be intimidated because you don’t understand.

Why Choose Us


Hands on training from experienced gurus in the crypto space since 2017. We wont just show you the basics, but how the pros navigate to minimize gas fees and maximize profits.

Gurus on Staff

Access to the people at the top level in the cryptoverse. Included with each class is access to an exclusive discord group featuring crypto experts.

Education Based

Success to us is gaining the skills, resources, and knowledge to independently trade and research crypto.

Start With a 2 Hour Zoom Class!

We have multiple learning options, with the most popular being a 2 hour online zoom class. The class is designed for people with little to no experience in the crypto space covering basic to intermediate principles. The “classroom environment” is intended to get a person up to speed quickly with Q & A of an instructor. The nine part syllabus includes the following:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Crypto Currency 
  3. Altcoins
  4. Exchanges 
  5. Wallets 
  6. Security 
  7. NFTs
  8. Defi
  9. Tools of the Trade

Interested in Dropping a NFT?

Are you interested in launching your own NFT project for a business or brand? It could be a 10k PFP project or a local sushi store looking to sell a 1 year unlimited sushi pass for $10,000. NFTs are a great way for an artist or business to connect on a 1 to 1 level to the end consumer. We offer services to deploy and maintain your smart contracts so you focus on your vision.